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Using Animal Sniffer With Gradle

When compiling code in Gradle that targets older JVM’s, you need to be very careful your code doesn’t use any of the classes in the newer JDK. For example, it’s very easy to create a class that uses the new DateTime API in Java 8 and compile it to target Java 6. The compilation will succeed but the class won’t run on a Java 6 JVM. But the changes can be harder to spot. For example, the Collection API has changed a bit in Java 8 and some classes have added methods. The result would be the same.

Another Spring Boot Integration: Axon

Creating Spring Boot integrations for frameworks is just so easy that I couldn’t resist making another one. One of my recent posts covered CQRS principles and Axon is a framework that currently is the reference when it comes to implementing CQRS and event-sourcing in Java. As it happens it also has great integration with Spring.