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Another Spring Boot Integration: Axon

Creating Spring Boot integrations for frameworks is just so easy that I couldn’t resist making another one. One of my recent posts covered CQRS principles and Axon is a framework that currently is the reference when it comes to implementing CQRS and event-sourcing in Java. As it happens it also has great integration with Spring.

Hystrix and Spring Boot

Making your application resilient to failure can seem like a daunting task. Those who read “Release It!” know how many aspects there can be to making your application ready for the apocalypse. Luckily we live in a world where a lot of software needs such resilience and where there are companies who are willing to share their solutions.

Enter what Netflix has created: Hystrix.

RAML: How Specification Becomes Documentation and Testing

In my last post I talked about what annoys me about Swagger. This evening, I took the time to see whether there are any good alternatives out there. As it seems, there are a lot of them. Two of them I found especially worth looking at: API BluePrint and RAML. This article is about RAML, but I’ll definitely post another one on API BluePrint.

RAML is a specification format that looks like a YAML file. It describes how a REST webservice should look like and how it should behave with regards to return values. In short, it’s what WSDL is to SOAP webservices. RAML specifications are not hard to write and is a top-down approach to REST webservices, unlike Swagger, which is a bottom-up tool mainly aimed towards documentation. You’ll write the RAML specification before writing the code.