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Johnny Five, a Nice Introduction to Arduino

Learning Arduino is not simple, especially if you’re not C-minded. See, Arduino is programmed in C and I’m not afraid to say my C is quite rusty. However, there have been some new developments lately that enable you to program an Arduino with JavaScript.

My Hobby Project for 2014

Everybody needs a hobby. Mine happens to be gardening and chili growing. Some time ago I discovered the joys of hydroponics growing. However, the geek inside of me kept thinking every time I measured and adjusted the pH and EC values of my system that this could be automated.

So this year I thought to myself I’d start building a system like this using basic off-the-shelf electronic components and an Arduino micro controller.

IntelliJ, Scala and Gradle: Revisiting Hell

So I finally made the decision on trying to learn Scala. Little did I know I was in for another round of IntelliJ integration hell. Let me rephrase that: IntelliJ with Gradle hell.

I love Gradle. I love IntelliJ. However, the combination of the two is sometimes enough to drive me utterly crazy. Now take for example the Scala integration. I made the most simple Gradle build possible that compiles a standard Hello World application.

Book Review: Gradle in Action (Manning, 2014)

As a MEAP subscriber I get the privilege of reviewing some of the new books released by Manning. Some time ago I received Gradle In Action and my review is a bit overdue, so here it is. I’ve been a Gradle enthousiast for the last couple of years, migrating from years of working with Maven, so I was very keen on reading this book.

REST Prototyping With Spark and Groovy

Spark is rapidly becoming one of my favorite web application prototyping frameworks. Setting up a quick project is extremely easy and plugging in simple templating engines is even easier. It’s being used frequently for teaching other frameworks in order to provide a quick web front-end for that framework (for example, the MongoDB courses use Spark).

But I’ve also used Spark for something else. It’s extremely easy to make a REST prototype with Spark. This way you can make an easy system that can ‘mock’ a future REST backend, but is still adaptable.